Explain fibromyalgia to friends who wonder why they do not hear about me

Jules Bonds

Dear friend,

You can ask, “Why have not I heard from you for years?” Well, I’ll tell you why. Because I was dealing with this disease called  fibromyalgia  . It is a chronic disease, that is, it will not go away and there is no medicine / herb / magic diet that removes it. This causes widespread pain. For me, some days the pain is manageable. It’s pretty boring to spend the day without much embarrassment but just enough to remind me that I’m not in good health. Other days, the pain comes in the form of palpitations, burning, tingling, tingling and tingling, pain that can occur by sitting too long, standing too long, climbing too many stairs, walking too fast, lying on the couch or just a change of weather.

only thoughtful sad girl is sad at the window

It also causes significant fatigue and sleep problems. Did you know that many people with fibromyalgia sleep very little? Our brains do not go out completely. At night, while you have a wonderful, restorative and invigorating sleep, I turn and turn like a fish out of the water, trying to find a comfortable position that will not make my body feel like a horrible acupuncture experience. I spend every day as if I walk in quicksand. I want to do so many things, but the fatigue continues to pull me down until I do not care anymore and it lets me engulf.

Have you ever heard of the term “fibro-fog?” Due to our lack of deep, restorative sleep, we are developing processes such as brain fog and short-term memory loss. Have you ever tried to stay awake for 24 hours? Imagine mental exhaustion: you would be irritable and grumpy, you will have trouble concentrating and you might even forget where you put things simple like your keys or a grocery list. Well, fibro-fog is like living everyday as if you were awake for 24 hours. I feel like my brain is late. I see and hear what’s happening around me at normal speed, but I can not respond at the same pace. I’m in the fog I can read words on a page or on a screen, but I can not understand the meaning. It’s like I’m reading a different language. I can not understand simple things, such as how to turn the shell of my tablet into a crutch. I have the attention of a gnat and the memory of a goldfish. If I do not write or turn on Google Calendar notifications, I’ll forget all the appointments I make.

Depression  and  anxietyare also close friends of fibromyalgia. Although I still do not know if I am currently treating or treating such conditions, I can tell you one thing: Fibromyalgia can make you lonely. People can tell you that fibromyalgia is not real. They may tell you that the doctors only diagnosed you because they found nothing unusual about you. They can give you all types of remedies and offer you unsolicited medical advice. They can also use your experience as a platform to talk about their problems and make you constantly feel that what you are experiencing is not as bad as they go through. They could look you straight in the eye,

This, dear friend, is what I have been dealing with. So please, before thinking that I have forgotten you or that you do not care about your fate, try to understand my situation. Life has not been easy for me. I do not want to sound selfish, but I learn to put my health first, because frankly, no one else will do it for me. Answer this: if you really want to know how I am going, why do you expect me to call you?

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